June 25, 2017
Short Stories by Jesus:
The Good Samaritan
by Courtney Bowen, Student Pastor
Luke 10:25-37

     A lawyer asks Jesus what does ot take to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus doesn't give a specific answer. Instead He leads the lawyer to answering his own question. Once answering the question correctly, the lawyer can't leave well enoulgh alone. He asks Jesus a second question, "who is my neighbor?" Jesus then proceeds to tell him the parable of the Good Samaritan. As Courtney explore this parable she guides us to how the Parable of the Good Samaritan fits into our life.

June 18, 2017
Short Stories by Jesus:
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son

by Rev. Don Summerfield
Luke 15:1-32

     For the start of this series of the parables told by Jesus, Pastor Don begins with things that are lost. This morning Pastor Don concentrates on the parable of the Prodical Son. The story of the Prodical Son leasves us with more quesations than answers. This is what Jesus has given to us, no clear cut answers. Only more questions.

June 11, 2017
Inseparably Connected

by Rev. Don Summerfield
Matthew 28:16-20 & 2 Corinthians 13:11-13

     The Trinity, Father,  Son and Holy Spirit, three-in-one. On this Trinity Sunday Pastor Don brings light to the Trinity. Today is Trinity Sunday, the one celebration in the church which is about a concept and not an event.

Day of Pentecost
June 4, 2017
Spirit Work

by Courtney Bowen
Acts 2:1-21

     Today Courtney shares with us her experience which occurred on Pentecost four years, the day she sensed that feeling of being called into the ministry. She also brings to us the story on this very day where the Holy Spirit brought life into the new church.

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