Community and Outreach

  Among the aims set forth in our congregational mission statement is the goal of "ministering to the needs of ... residents in the community and promoting peace and justice in the world."  First Presbyterian Church supports both local and world-wide missions.

     Toward these ends, we provide various kinds of support to the following ministries. Here are a few ministries we support in our community:

Community Pantry Box Joining with several other churches in the area, First Presbyterian Chuch now has a community pantry box which is located outide the entrance to Taggart Hall. Our community pantry box was built and installed by Girl Scout Troop #1621. It is here the homeless community will find not only food, snacks and water for themselves, but food, water and treats for their pets (cats & dogs) as well as books to read.

Al-AnonSponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville.  Meetings are held each Monday evening at 7:30 pm and Thursday morning beginning at 10:30 AM.

Loaves and FishesA cooperative ministry of local churches that offers a free, home-cooked meal each Saturday to residents in our community.  Our congregation is responsible for cooking and serving the meal at Loaves and Fishes four times each year.

The Hope Chest:   Donations are collected monthly at First Prez.  Items collected are distributed monthly to the following organizations:  Haven House, Clark County Youth Shelter, FPC Transient Pantry, Military Support Group, Bliss House, Center for Women & Families, and FHC-Clark County.

The Center for Lay Ministries: 
Provides groceries, rent, utilities and other forms of assistance to needy and low income households in our community.

Bliss House
A community-based peer-group oriented residential facility that provides food, shelter and recovery services in a supportive non-drinking and drug-free environment for women who haved completed a hospital or residential alcoholism rehabilitation program and need support in a residential setting to sustain their recovery. Bliss House and Bliss House II are part of the Center for Lay Ministries.

Haven House:  Created in 1996, Haven House Services provides temporary shelter services to homeless people.

Jesus Cares at Exit 0:  Exit 0 works to feed the homeless and provide other resources to those in need.