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We at First Presbyterian Church value our Christian Education programs. Our purpose is to bring children and adults to Jesus, and train them in a life of discipleship as well as to equip them for Christian service in today's world.

Sunday School: There is a variety of curricula which can be used for Sunday school and Bible studoes in the Presbyterian Church. Over the years we have used several different PC(USU) publications. We are now using a Lectionary-Based curriculum call "Feasting on the Word". It is adaptable to various settings and learning styles so we can use it for all age levels - preschool through adults. Each session begins with a common Bible passage; every one explores the same passage each week, making it easy for families to learn and live out their faith together. There is a unique resource available for pastors and worship planners which provides intentional connections between education and worship.

"Feasting on the Word" curriculum fosters relationships through learning together.

Children's Sermon: During each Sunday service, the young children are invited up tp the front of the Sanctuary for a special message and a prayer. This message is presented in a way that even the youngest child can grasp. This "conversation" with the kids is a highlight of the Sunday service, not just for the kids, but for the adults as well!

Kidz Church: On Sunday mornings after the Children's Sermonette, the younger kids leave the Sanctuary for a special time of their own. Those ages
Kindergarten and under go to the nursery and those in the first through fourth grades get together to explore a Bible story, craft, activity or songs. We welcome those to come lewarn more about the Bible and prepare for worship.

Comfirmation Class: We offer classes starting each February for any student in grade 6 who is ready to dig deeper into their faith and learn what it means to belong to the church. The class usually last eight weeks and then meets with our Session before joining the church. Each young person is paired with a "Mentor" who is charged with helping them continue theie growth and participation in the congregation and in their Christian life.

     Our Chrisitan faith is full of wonder and mystery. Sometimes we don't always understand a lot of it and we are not always sure if we are on the right track. Come and join us as we go exploring in our Sunday school classes and we all have a chance to share our discoveries with each other.